Marketing and communications are integrated, an integral part of the activities of charity management institutions, and even a front-line charity fundraising process, infaq, Sadaqah. Just like a conventional company, Zakat Management Institute (LPZ) had to have a powerful marketing team, creative, innovative, powerful and able to make a breakthrough. Trustworthy, transparent and professional is a necessity that should be the capital for LPZ, if not impossible to obtain the public trust.

Integrated Marketing Communications into the leading line in the process of charity fundraising communications, infak and Sadaqah (ZIS). Target marketing is to produce a closing agreement without neglecting the service so muzakki be faithful. While the target of communication is to get people to think, feel or act a certain way. As a result of marketing and integrated communication an integral part of LPZ. The following explanations are the elements of integrated marketing communications.

Integration Planning
Effective communication results from structured thinking, combined with deep insight and knowledge about the needs, aspirations, and goals muzakki behavior. If you do not have the integration is limited to a mere theory for LPZ mobile communications without a clear target. LPZ knowledge of the public desire, will make them able to determine the positioning of a public institution, so that they can develop strategies for effective message delivery.

Ads can be identified as a sending a message through the media through TV, radio, newspapers, magazines to posters as a form of communication that aim to influence the public. The main constraint for LPZ is not enough budget available for advertising expenditure. So have other ways to advertise without great cost, for example, by holding a media partnership for the delivery of PSA (Public Service Advertising) in the socialization of innovative programs. Marketing communications task is to ensure that the media (TV, radio, newspapers) was to have these innovative programs, which open opportunities of cooperation in the delivery of PSA.

Public Relations
Public Relations (PR) may play a role beyond advertising, because PR can respond to events very quickly, according to a planned strategy. PR agencies will be able to charity work better if integrated with activities such as creating a positive media environment.

Direct Mail for Relationship Marketing
For LPZ, direct mail is one of the weapons to get a new muzakki. This invitation can be delivered with the tithe promote excellent programs in poverty alleviation, so that the benefactors will trust funds ZISnya through our institutions. Marketing team must continually strive to obtain new prospects that will be targeted direct mail delivery. Advantage of direct mail is fixed on the target and the receiver can store up to the time was right to tithe.

Sponsorship has the ability in the delivery of a number of areas of communication. Appropriate packaging can create or strengthen a sense of high name. If we are observant, lots of media information, events or programs that may involve companies or other institutions to participate. Direct Mail, letterhead, newsletters, posters, brochures, go to charity guidelines, operational vehicles, publicity in the media, seminars and empowerment programs or other potential sponsors in the sales room.

Design influence will permeate all sectors and a central communications, but not the least LPZ-looking they are so impressed by the professional is not because they do not realize the importance of design is persyarakat found success in communication. Appearances packaging, advertising all have a role in raising the public's emotional response, and the response that is at the heart of everything we want to achieve.

Exhibition & Seminar
The exhibition is an event that was attended by various circles. The exhibition is also designed to be known by the public, so the LPZ participation in exhibitions to introduce the program to the public. Usually the participation of social institutions will get a special price or below the price of other conventional company. The seminar was held as a private event and implemented for the benefit of the institution. The seminar can be an opportunity for institutions mendapatka positioning. From the seminar we will be able to introduce our organization to the public, but we also will benefit from penyeleggaraan, both from membership or sponsorship, if we are able mengorganizer well.

Electronic Communication
The progress of electronic media is a new challenge in the world of marketing, including in the world of "zakat" an. Internet is also able to penetrate cultural boundaries and social classes that can serve as a window of the world in terms of information. Management of the Internet will open the opportunity for programs terkomunikasikannya so likely to get LPZ new muzakki both from within and abroad. Television and radio is also the most widely consumed media so that if the public LPZ and the role of communicating the program through TV and radio means effective communication. We can minimize production costs by getting the cooperation of media, so they also feel a program.

Presentation & Marketing Tools
Presentation of business institutions should also be done by LPZ. Individuals, groups, companies and institutions had become a target business in the delivery of excellent programs that will build trust. LPZ marketing team is a force in the "sales" zakat. So elegant marketing tools should also have prepared for a weapon. Make every meeting a great thing for candidates muzakki.

Utilizing Moment & Media
Ramadan, a time to remember the back to give tithe. Blessing month of ramadhan acquisition will boost charity funds if LPZ able to communicate well. Various media must be utilized in sosialaisasi charity. Although not only the month of ramadan just LPZ ZIS pursue acquisition targets, the most important is the flair and be able to choose the right media in socializing. Internal media at various media companies could be in communicating the ZIS. Posters, balloons, banners, Giant Banner, Zakat Handbook, brochures, stickers, sms, email, PSA also through TV and radio is a means to achieve certain targets, but it also Marketing Team to innovate in good tithe ease through ATM, SMS Charity , Phone Banking, Internet, Supermarket cashier, or direct payment through the outlets.

The whole business is a combination of PR, Advertising and promotion to establish the identity of this charity, ultimately results in achieving marketing targets charity, so charity funds, infak, Sadaqah and endowments can be managed properly.

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