The global financial crisis that hit the international world in recent months has given an indication of how fragile the global financial system that relies only to the financial markets in several international markets. Capitalist system which has become the locomotive for world economic movement failed to create a valued new world economic order that is more just, balanced, and capable of providing welfare for the inhabitants of the earth.

Therefore necessary that steps terkonsep well and comprehensively to create a new order in the world economy. OIC as an organization that collects no less than 57 Islamic countries are the most representative forum to play an important role in making changes and led to the idea of new world economic order.

Meanwhile, the IDB as a financial institution that is very influential to the Islamic world was supposed to take strategic steps for the interests of the financial system of the future Islamic state. But, until today we have not seen and heard both institutions to make a statement or a strategic position for the advancement of the Islamic world and internationally.

Islamic countries joined in the OIC and IDB have really great potential in leading the economic system reform and the financial world. With a shared vision and collaborative spirit of the high Islamic countries are expected to be able to force a new balance in international economic arena now dominated by U.S., European Union, Japan, and China.

With a potential population 19 percent of the total world population, or about 1.9 billion population, controlled 77 percent of world oil reserves, enough for the needs of the next 75 years. In addition, 90 percent of the world's hydrocarbon reserves are in the Islamic world. There are two major issues that could be a big strategic agenda for the OIC and IDB to anticipate long-term crisis, while preparing the agenda of the new world economic order, namely the use of a common currency and common market of the Islamic world.

Common currency
Today there are three types of master currency world economic activity, namely the U.S. dollar, euro and Japanese yen. Overall U.S. dollar dominated the world's financial transactions in different amounts in euros and yen. Overall the U.S. dollar over any form of economic activity and international financial transactions, which reached 80-90 per cent of total transactions (Bank Indonesia, 2004).

Monetary system and world trade today is a system that does not create monetary stability, not a common exchange rate, and exchange rate fluctuations that occur every time. Currently each state uses different types of currency in order to conduct international trade, one currency for export, one for imports, and another as their domestic currency.

For poor countries and developing countries, the current monetary system is a monetary system that is not profitable. Reform of the world monetary system is one step in order to create a monetary system more stable and equitable for all countries.

However, the current reform of the monetary system more equitable world is difficult because the world monetary problems closely related with the political elements and economic power (Stigliz & Amartya Sen, 2004). In the current monetary system, the United States as a superpower can earn huge profits by simply printing and distributing the dollar in international markets.

Japan a country that has a big economic power in the world economy also profit from the world monetary system today. However, Japan is politically unable to make changes to the world monetary system (RA Mundell, 2003).

With the monetary system and the conditions of international trade is not profitable, it should poor countries and particularly developing Islamic countries belonging to the OIC and IDB reduce reliance on fiat money by creating a monetary and economic system supported by a currency stable and more fair.

One of the most significant recommendations is the use of gold dinar as an international currency. During its use, gold dinar valued more stable and have high levels of inflation and fluctuations of less than fiat money. Gold dinar role of trade easier and reduce trade barriers, such as speculation, exchange rate fluctuations are sharp, and various other obstacles (Meera, 2004).

To make the dinar as the currency used as the basis of world monetary system, required many steps and strategies to achieve it. One of the steps and strategies carried out by applying the dinar currency in international trade, especially in the export and import trade between Muslim countries (markets with the Islamic world).

Application of gold dinar in international trade will not replace the role of the domestic currency. Domestic currency remains necessary and used as a tool in domestic transactions.

The use of the dinar as a currency trade transaction has been done by the Government of Malaysia in 2002 with trading partners, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. Application of dinar currency in trading early steps to realize the dinar currency to the single currency Muslim countries and as a global currency (Mahathir Mohammad, 2003).

Common market
Actually the idea of forming common markets and enhance economic cooperation to the Islamic world is not new. This idea is often expressed in the meeting World Islamic Economic Forum (WIFE) and at meetings initiated by the OIC and IDB.

However, it seems this idea has not received intensive from Islamic countries. Of course this idea needs to be enriched and sharpened with a variety of research, such as the idea that the EU had to wait 40 years. There are several steps that can be used.

Step formation of this common market can be started from other regional development of Islamic countries. The formation of free trade areas can be initiated from the sub-sub-regional, as in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia that will facilitate the next stage of integration. These trade relations are expected to mutual benefit and optimize the benefits of resources and production respectively (Azis, 2006).

Pro is very important in priority products and services from members of the trade pact because there has not been optimal. Trade among OIC countries is only about 12 percent of the total of all trade in the OIC countries.

Total OIC trade is only seven percent of total world trade. In fact, about 60 percent of natural resources in this world are in Muslim countries. This condition is not independent of each other is still at least trade OIC countries and the amount of dependence on trade with countries of non-Muslims.

The next step, with the market in the form of trade and investment flows requires partisanship Islamic funds which have Muslim investors. One of today's reality shows, an investor's surplus funds mainly from the Muslim countries of petro dollars that have flowed into the Muslim world. There should be a shared commitment among Muslim businessmen to prioritize investing in Islamic countries.

To support this common market would need a common currency. Islamic member states have time to use a common currency in the form of gold dinars. It's like the European countries with euronya.

Each Islamic country can use the gold dinar as the single currency in international trade transactions whose value is recognized among Islamic countries. It is expected to reduce dependence on the U.S. dollar. As a result, reducing the need for U.S. dollars so they can secure the exchange of Islamic countries.

The use of the dinar as a currency trade transaction fellow Islamic country one of the solutions of the problem above. Use of money dinar by all Muslim countries and make it as a single currency (monetary union) means of payment fellow Muslim state trading will give considerable impact on the unity and growth of trade in Muslim countries.

The next step was the Islamic countries should immediately establish an Islamic financial system is integrated, whether banking, capital markets, and other Islamic financial institutions. We need to strengthen the funding and the role of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) for its World Bank-Islamic world.

We also need the International Monetary Fund Islam (like the IMF) are interest-free financing scheme. Thus the system integration will be increasingly robust economy.

Kinilah time by using a very precise moment, the OIC and IDB be, start thinking big and strategically replace the economic system and financial world is not fair. Role of the OIC and IDB will be highly anticipated by the entire world Muslim community.

Two central issues that were raised will be very relevant to the world economy today. The use of the dinar as a currency trade transactions among member countries of OIC & IDB is one solution to the problem above.

Use of money dinar by all Muslim countries and make it as a single currency trade payment instruments other Islamic countries will provide a big enough impact on the growth of trade in Muslim countries. With the increased trade antarsesama OIC & IDB members who use the money dinars, not only have an impact on reducing the amount of fiat money in the use of export and import transactions, but also will affect the welfare of this nature.

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